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At TOC Therapy we practice liberation psychology to help you build self-compassion and self-accountability through a social-justice lens. By helping you gain a better understanding of your history and origin of your wounds we can help you battle impostor syndrome, feel more confident in asking for what you need in all you relationships, and have faith in that you can get yourself through anything. If you are ready to start that journey, schedule your free consultation down below:

Stones of Meaning


Learn to love and accept yourself-- to build  self-confidence and self-trust-- with a therapist that understands you.

From healing intergenerational wounds to learning how to manage work stress, our therapists are trained to help you manage your mental health from a social-justice framework.


Learn how to talk to one another-- but most importantly how to listen to one another.

Your therapist can help you both practice healthy ways to communicate your needs, feelings, and fears. 

Your couple's therapist will also help you identify how your individual identities and histories play a role your relationship. 



TOC Therapy began as an idea back in 2016 when when our founder and Clinical Director, Deniss Pleiner, was finishing up her graduate training.

She dreamt of a space where BIPOC Adults could feel welcome and understood. Where our experiences, culture, and language would be not just respected but seen as what they are: valuable pieces to our growth, mental health, and fulling lives.

This is the basis for our clinical practice at TOC Therapy.

We focus on fostering and encouraging growth, empathy, and care for anyone and everyone we come in contact with. We believe in social justice— we are anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-sexist, and anti-homophobic. We also believe in community which is why we offer free workshops to our online and local community.

We are a psychodynamic and psychoanalytical practice.

The psychodynamic part of our work allows us to draw from different modalities like CBT, Somatic Therapy, solution-focused and others in order to find and use the interventions that fit YOU best. The psychoanalytic part of our work is also essential: it's the part that allows us to make room for and explore how your childhood and past experiences have shaped your relationship with yourself and others-- to really find the origin of your wounds in order to help you find true healing.

If you are ready to start that journey, schedule a free consultation with us down below.