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Online Therapy for First Gen professionals in California


Culturally attuned and trauma informed mental health support: from burnout and anxiety to generational trauma and difficult family relationships.


We are glad you are here and look forward to supporting you. 

Watch our welcome video to get started.


Available online throughout California and in-person in Pasadena, CA.

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Working With Us


Request a Free Consultation

Tell us about yourself using this form to request your free 15 minute video consultation with one of our clinicians. 


Get Matched

Meet with one our clinicians and get your questions answered about our process and style. 


Begin Your Journey

After receiving confirmation of your fees, you can start your weekly therapy sessions-- either in-person in Pasadena, CA or online.

Insurances Accepted

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Our Approach

While each of our individual approaches is unique, we all work from an intersectional lens that integrates your culture and values to curate a plan for you. Our general approach is best characterized by these three pillars:


We help you build self-confidence and self-trust by recognizing and leveraging your unique strengths. We teach you the best of what we know so that you can feel empowered to do this on your own.

Cultural Attunement

We work with you to develop tools that align with your culture and values. This helps you easily integrate new tools into your everyday life.


Teaching you self-compassion is our secret weapon. When you can contextualize and understand your own history and patterns-- without judgment-- you can begin to make meaningful progress towards your goals.

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