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Welcome to TOC Therapy!

We are a group practice of Therapists of Color offering Trauma informed, Identity Affirming, and Culturally Aligned mental health. 

We support BIPOC Adults manage anxiety, improve self-esteem, reduce work stress/burnout, and navigate difficult family relationships. 


Available online throughout California and in-person in Pasadena, CA.

Anxiety & Self-Esteem

Learn how to filter through your thoughts and work towards clarity and confidence in the face of uncertainty.

Love & Relationships

For individuals and couples feeling stuck. We help you work through what's bothering you so that you can feel fulfilled in your personal life. 

Difficult Family Relationships

Develop healthier communication patterns, feel confident in addressing family conflicts, & define for yourself what is a safe family dynamic.

Workplace Stress & Burnout

Develop strategies to cope with workplace stress, build resilience, and practice self-advocacy in the workplace.

Meet Our Team

Ana 1_edited_edited.jpg

Ana Viana, M.S. AMFT


For individuals and couples looking to build deep and balanced connections in romantic, family, and self- relationships.


Lili Gregory, M.S.W. LCSW


 A combination of somatic interventions, mindfulness, and visualizations, for BIPOC Adults who want to build healthy boundaries around work, manage difficult parent-child relationships, and/or want to improve their self-esteem.


Deniss Pleiner, M.A. LMFT


Guiding the clinical offerings at TOC Therapy. Deniss is also a mental health educator and speaker. 

Working With Us


Request a Free Consultation

Tell us about yourself using this form to request your free 15 minute video consultation with one of our clinicians. 


Get to know us

Meet with one our clinicians and get your questions answered about our process and style. 


Schedule your first session

After receiving confirmation of your fee and coverage, you can start your weekly therapy session-- either in-person in Pasadena, CA or online.

Our Approach

While each of our individual approaches is unique, we all work from an intersectional lens that integrates your culture and values to curate a plan for you. Our general approach is best characterized by these three pillars:


We believe in collaboration-- You and your therapist are a team. We teach you the best of what we know so that you can feel empowered to take life head-on. Set clear treatment goals and a tangible plan with workable steps.


We'll keep you accountable for your goals: working together to trouble-shoot what is not working so we can build on what does. We wont just teach you what we know, we will also help you practice it outside of therapy so you can eventually feel confident in managing your mental health on your own.


Teaching you self-compassion is our secret weapon. When you can contextualize and understand your own history and pattens-- without judgement-- you can begin to make meaningful progress towards your goals.

Online Payment

Fees & Payments

We accept most forms of payments including insurance. Learn more about our fees and payment options:

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