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The Therapists of Color

Trauma Informed, Identity Affirming, and Culturally Aligned Therapy

for Adults in California

Our Clinicians

Ana supports individuals and couples looking for a deep and balanced connection in romantic relationships.


Whether in individual or couples therapy, you will develop and practice healthy communication skills and boundaries that feel right for you. You will also explore attachment wounds to help  you cultivate a stronger sense of self through an improved understanding of your relationship patterns. 

Ana's clinical work is supervised by Deniss Pleiner, M.A LMFT

Ana Viana, M.S, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at TOC Therapy under the supervision of Deniss Pleiner LMFT

Ana Viana, M.S. AMFT


Lili Gregory, M.S.W. LCSW

Lili Gregory LCSW, Bilingual Outpatient Clinician at TOC Therapy

Lili helps you reconnect with your body and return to your truest self. As children, we may have been taught to ignore the instincts and cues within us that signal strong emotional responses.


Lili uses a combination of somatic interventions, mindfulness, visualizations, and inner child healing to facilitate a mind-body connection. Together, you work to identify trigger responses in the body and develop tools to reclaim the fullest expression of your individuality, strength, and power.  


Deniss Pleiner, M.A. LMFT


Deniss supports first generation professionals build healthy personal and professional relationships. From managing difficult family relationships to preventing burnout, she helps you explore unique techniques that work for you. 


Deniss is not currently accepting new patients.


Check out her Consulting website for workshops or book her for a  speaking engagement below:


Our Approach


We believe in collaboration-- in teaching you the best of what we know so that you can feel empowered to take life head-on.


We will work together to develop treatment goals and a tangible plan with workable steps and help you build your own support system.


We believe in accountability. We'll keep you accountable for your goals: working together to trouble-shoot what is not working so we can build what does.


We wont just teach you what we know, we will also help you practice it outside of therapy so you can eventually feel confident in managing your mental health on your own.


Teaching you self-compassion is our secret weapon. Accountability requires self-compassion-- it is about observing your patterns rather than judging them.


When you can understand your own history and pattens in a societal context-- you can begin to make meaningful effort towards your goals.

Check out our latest online articles written by TOC Therapy clinicians aimed to provide you with mental health information and education.

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Upcoming Events

  • Communication Skills  in Romantic Relationships
    Feb 28, 7:00 PM PST
    Google Meet
    A trauma-informed and culturally aligned workshop for BIPOC individuals and couples seeking ways to build intimacy connect and communicate effectively in romantic relationships. Facilitated by TOC Therapy Clinician Ana Viana, M.S.
  • Book Club Meeting 2
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Jan 26
    A Google Meet link will be emailed to you.
    Jan 26, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM PST
    A Google Meet link will be emailed to you.
    Join our online discussion guided by TOC Therapy Outpatient Clinician, Wendy Rodriguez. We will be processing the reflection questions sent over email and help guide you in your reading and healing journey. [this book club meeting is not therapy]

Our Story

TOC Therapy began as a dream back in 2014 when our founder, Deniss Pleiner was in graduate school. Because all of her colleagues were People of Color and Therapists (and because she is a fan of puns) she came up with the name The Therapists of Color. Which abbreviates to TOC and is pronounced like TALK. Talk Therapy/TOC Therapy. (see? pun!)

More than just a witty name, she wanted TOC Therapy to be a mental health space that doesn't just "take into account" cultural differences but integrates culture into treatment: from Identifying generational trauma to building on generational healing and resiliency.

And so, after five years of being in practice, Deniss established The Therapists Of Color in February 2021. Since then, we have built a safe and empowering space for our patients in individual and couples therapy. If you are ready to start the journey, meet with us by clicking the button below:

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