Supporting BIPOC Adults heal emotional wounds & increasing self-understanding

Supervised by Deniss Pleiner, LMFT CA 117208


 I work with BIPOC adults in healing emotional wounds by increasing self-awareness/understanding and self-confidence. I provide a safe space where my you can freely express yourself and your thoughts. My integrative approach allows me to use a variety of different techniques to guide you through your therapeutic journey.





Anger Management 

Attachment Issues 

First time in Therapy 

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TOC Therapy began as an idea back in 2016 when I was finishing up my graduate training. I dreamt of a space where BIPOC could feel welcome and understood. Where our experiences, culture, and language would be not just respected but seen as what they are: valuable pieces to our growth, mental health, and fulling lives.

This is the basis for our clinical practice at TOC Therapy. 

We focus on fostering and encouraging growth, empathy, and care for anyone and everyone we come in contact with and recognize with humility the growth that we have to do as well. 

As clinical supervisor, I support and guide the clinical development of TOC Therapy's Associates and ensure uniformity in treatment for all our clients. Therapy at the practice is rooted in collaboration with YOU. While helping you learn self-compassion and self-accountability-- we help you in what's most important: self-healing.

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Deniss Pleiner, M.A 

Founder of TOC Therapy