Supervised by Deniss Pleiner, LMFT CA 117208


 I work with BIPOC adults in healing generational wounds by increasing self-awareness/understanding and self-confidence. I provide a safe space where you can freely express yourself and your thoughts-- something we don't often experience as children or grandchildren of immigrants.

My integrative approach allows me to use a variety of different techniques to guide you through your therapeutic journey. I often incorporate mindfulness, journaling, and art. 





Anger Management 

Attachment Issues 

First time in Therapy 

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TOC therapy is a group practice of Latina Counselors, all children of immigrants. Our identities inform the work we do. We help you better understand your behaviors, choices, and patterns from a culturally congruent point of view that facilitates self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-compassion.

While each of our approaches is unique in it's own way, all of our services are rooted practicing liberation psychology. We believe in community and helping our patients understand and heal themselves but we also believe we are part of a larger system that requires change. While helping our clients heal, we take into account the power of oppressive systems on your mental health and find a way to talk and process issues that are much larger that us.