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BIPOC Family Dynamics

Counseling for Family Issues 

For BIPOC Adults learning to manage difficult family relationships. Being part of a collective culture can make it difficult to set boundaries and become your own person. Our Therapists integrate your culture and values in your therapy to help you explore the kind of family relationships that will help you feel safe

Counseling for Family Issues for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) adults is a specialized therapeutic approach that recognizes the significance of culture, race, and systemic influences within the family dynamics. This inclusive and culturally responsive counseling process creates a safe space where BIPOC adults can explore and address the unique challenges they face within their family units.

Through empathetic understanding and culturally sensitive interventions, our therapists help BIPOC adults like you  navigate the complexities of race-related issues, intergenerational trauma, and cultural identity within their family unit. 

 Your therapist works collaboratively with you to identify and challenge harmful family patterns, stereotypes, and biases that may impact relationships. Additionally they will help you build effective coping strategies, embrace cultural strengths, and promote intergenerational healing.

This specialized approach aims to empower you to develop healthier communication patterns, feel confident in addressing family conflicts, and define for yourself what is a safe family dynamic.

How Our Clinicians Can Help

  • Gain insight into your family patterns and generational trauma.

  • Understand the significance of culture, race, and systemic influences within your family dynamics. 

  • Learn self-compassion in your journey. 

  • Knowledge of how generational trauma affects your body and nervous system.

  • Build effective coping strategies, embrace cultural strengths, and kick-start intergenerational healing.

Working With Us


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