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Counseling for Anxiety

For those feeling restless, thinking of the worst-case scenario, and overwhelmed the number of thoughts in your head. ​


Counseling for Anxiety is best for you if you would like to learn how to filter through your thoughts and work towards clarity and confidence in the face of uncertainty.

Anxiety counseling for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) adults is a specialized therapeutic approach that acknowledges and addresses the unique experiences and challenges faced by individuals from historically marginalized groups.


In this supportive and culturally sensitive space, our counselors work with BIPOC adults to navigate the intersection of anxiety and racial identity.

Through a combination of empathetic listening, validation, and evidence-based techniques, anxiety counseling for BIPOC adults aims to create a healing environment that honors your lived experiences. 


We help you identify triggers, challenge negative thought patterns, and learn relaxation techniques to promote a sense of calm and resilience in the face of anxiety-provoking situations.

Anxiety counseling for BIPOC adults fosters a sense of empowerment, cultural alignment, and self-acceptance. It provides tools and resources to navigate stressors, build healthy coping mechanisms, and cultivate self-care practices specific to your unique cultural context.


 We aim empower you to regain control over your life and experience greater emotional balance. The counseling process includes helping you understand how racial trauma, microaggressions, and societal pressures impact your anxiety levels.

How Our Clinicians Can Help

  • Help Filtering through thoughts. 

  • Insight into past and how it may connect to your current anxiety. 

  • Understand how racial trauma, microaggressions, and societal pressures impact anxiety levels.

  • Compassion in your journey. 

  • Knowledge of how Anxiety affects your body and nervous system.

  • Confidence in yourself and managing the anxious thoughts that may come.  

  • Build healthy coping mechanisms and cultivate self-care practices specific to your unique cultural context.

Next Steps


Schedule a Free Consultation

Visit our secure client portal to schedule your free 15 minute video consultation with one of our clinicians. 


Tell Us about Yourself

We'll send over a brief questionnaire in which you can share with us what kind of support you are looking for and request for us to check your insurance coverage for you. 


Schedule your first session

After meeting with us and receiving confirmation of your fee and coverage, you can start your weekly therapy session-- either in-person in Pasadena, CA or online.

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