Clinical Supervisor and TOC Therapy Owner


I carry a limited caseload in which I specialize in working with First and Second Generation Latinx Professionals manage: 


Latinx Family Dynamics

Relationships & Divorce

Life Transitions

Work-stress & Burnout

I focus on helping TOC Therapy's Associate Marriage and Family therapists develop clinically in these areas and support their clients in developing in two key skills: Self-Accountability and Self-Compassion.

If you are interested in active and involved inner work, schedule a free consultation with one of our AMFTs below: 



Licensed Therapist, Mexican Immigrant, and Mental Health Advocate & Speaker


I arrived in the U.S. on the fourth of July 1997. (I know, right?!)

My mom and dad made the decision to move to the U.S. to give my brother and me a chance at a better life. My family did not have much but we had what we needed. My father worked two jobs and my mom took on 3-4 part-time jobs while also being a full-time mom.

But still, they donated their time to schools and community organizations.

My mom would always share information about free food, workshops, and other resources with our community. Together with my dad, she instilled in me the value of giving back and the fulfillment that comes from serving our community. It is the foundation of everything I do. 

It is because of them that I decided to dedicate my life to witnessing and supporting the healing of people like you. It is with their lessons of compassion, accountability, and community that I approach the work we do in session. ​



TOC Therapy began as an idea back in 2016 when I was finishing up my graduate training. I dreamt of a space where BIPOC could feel welcome and understood. Where our experiences, culture, and language would be not just respected but seen as what they are: valuable pieces to our growth, mental health, and fulling lives.

This is the basis for our clinical practice and any of the advocacy and educational work that comes from TOC Therapy. 

We focus on fostering and encouraging growth, empathy, and care for anyone and everyone we come in contact with and recognize with humility the growth that I have to do as well.  We value giving back to the community through free resources as much as possible.

Thank you for visiting, may you feel seen and heard here. 

Deniss Pleinerr, M.A 

Founder of TOC Therapy