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Deniss Pleiner, LMFT

I support first generation professionals, particularly BIWOC, manage work stress, improve self-esteem, and navigate difficult family relationships.

I use various trauma-informed interventions which include mindfulness, body-centered awareness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and inner child healing. I take a baby-steps approach to healing generational trauma and learning new tools that fit you and your vision for yourself, so that you can truly create long-term healing. 

My experience and work in BIPOC Mental health have resulted in invitations to participate in panels and lead workshops for various professional, educational, and community organizations including: Pepperdine, UCLA, CalTech, Act Blue, Prospanica, NSPA, and more. I have also been featured in various podcasts including CNN Radio's Diversifying, and Werk Stories.

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About Me: Deniss Pleiner, LMFT 

Deniss Pleiner was born in Guerrero, Mexico and on the Fourth of July 1996 her family officially moved to Los Angeles, CA. Her lived experience as a woman of color and a Mexican Immigrant is what drives her passion for helping BIPOC Adults build happy and fulfilling lives. 

Deniss is committed to destigmatizing mental health and promoting well-being in historically marginalized communities beyond her work with her individual clients which is why she dedicates her time outside her practice to educating and speaking on mental health issues. 

To book her as a speaker, please visit her speaker page.  

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