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Michelle Vo, AMFT

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Michelle Vo, AMFT

Michelle works with BIPOC adults, particularly women and queer or queer-adjacent individuals who want to feel acceptance and pride in their lived experience, especially if they do not feel aligned with heteronormative constructs and standards. 

Her work supports clients in feeling liberated in spirit and body by employing some traditional psychodynamic techniques to explore childhood and early attachments, and then incorporates a wider range of therapy styles to inspire hope and motivate change. 

Michelle believes healing is holistic and can also utilize traditional and cultural healing techniques such as herbalism or spirituality for diasporic people. 

Michelle offers individual therapy to adults in California. Services are available online throughout California and in-person in Pasadena, California.

Michelle's clinical work is supervised by Deniss Pleiner, M.A LMFT CA LMFT#117208.

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