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Are You in a Toxic Workplace?

by Deniss Pleiner, M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy


It took some time for me to realize that I was burnt out and unhappy because of my job. As BIPOC, and particularly if we have been socialized as womxn, we have a hard time standing up for ourselves. We want to be helpful at work, not just to the people we work for, but also the people we work with.

Deniss Cantor, hopping on stones outside a beach
Me Hopping out of a Toxic Workplace

The problem is that some workplaces take advantage of this. They sell us on the idea that we are "a family". Except that in a healthy functional family we all love, care for, and support one another mutually. At work, we have a transactional relationship with our employer where they often have (and use) power over us.

Outside of racism, discrimination, and harassment, there are more ways in which workplaces can become toxic for us. This past Monday, we spoke about some of those not-so-easy-to-see red flags. See the full video down below and head over to our Instagram page @toctherapy for your cheat sheet on this episode.

Interested in diving deeper into the complexities of being a BIPOC Adult at work and learning healthy boundaries?

Schedule a free consultation with one of therapists down below!


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