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Managing Social Anxiety

by Deniss Cantor, M.A. Marriage and Family Therapist


Social anxiety tends to activate a lot of cognitive distortions. We start thinking the worst will happen, that people don't *actually* like us. They are just trying to be nice. But we should also remember that these are fears (valid fears sometimes) but not facts.

We've talked about anxiety and cognitive distortions in previous videos for Therapy, Explained on YouTube but this week is focused on social anxiety and how to manage it best- including being mindful of your mindset and taking things in bite-size.

What's been your experience with social anxiety? What's your bite-sized progress this week?

If you haven't had the chance to watch this week's episode yet, check out the video below and head over to our Instagram page to get your cheat sheet!

Looking for more support in managing your anxiety?

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