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Mastering Life Transitions with 5 Anxiety-Busting Strategies

by Ana Viana, M.S.


Break ups, new jobs, getting married, moving away from home, and childrearing– they’re all normal parts of life. We are constantly evolving, and this can often challenge us in certain areas of our life causing anxiety to take the driver’s seat. But if we learn how to manage the anxiety that comes, we transition into these new roles and ways of living smoothly. So here are 5 effective strategies to manage navigating life transitions and anxiety with resilience and confidence.

1.       Create a transition plan: this is essential during life transitions as it can make us feel less overwhelmed as we know the steps needed to complete it. Planning can provide you with a sense of control and provide structure which is often part of adjusting to the change.

2.       Have a support system: having family and friends support during any life transition can help you feel connected and comforted by others. Sharing your concerns with trusted people can assist in alleviating symptoms of anxiety.

3.       Practicing coping Skills: Deep breathing, exercising, meditation, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation can be part of your daily routine to assist in decreasing anxiety. These coping strategies can be beneficial when stress and anxiety levels are high.

4.       Reframe life transitions as an opportunity for personal growth: intentionally shifting your perspective can assist in viewing anxiety differently and accepting the changes with a more positive outlook.

5.       Seek Professional Help: anxiety can be difficult to manage if becomes too overwhelming and affects your daily life. Seeking professional help can assist in providing you with guidance, coping skills tailored to what works for you, and a space to explore and process your emotions to life transitions.

Life transitions can be challenging– even if they are changes we look forward to. But being intentional about managing the anxiety that comes with them can make the process easier. If you are still having difficulty managing anxiety during life transitions and need a little extra support, book a free consultation below. 


Ana Viana, Relationship Therapist smiles at camera
Ana Viana, Relationship Therapist in California

Ana Viana, M.S. is a love and relationship therapist in California. She helps folks learn how to build healthy love and connection through a trauma-informed and attachment lens. If you are interested in working with Ana, schedule a free consultation with her through the link in our bio or by texting the front desk at 626.630.9060

Ana is an Associate at TOC Therapy and her clinical work is supervised by Deniss Pleiner, CA LMFT #117208.


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