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Finding Work-Life Balance as a Driven Professional


You're aware that finding work-life balance important it is for your mental health. You get this, You want this. But it's hard to find what that actually means and in taking into account your experiences as a person of color. There are three main dynamics playing out for you:

1. You're driven: There are so many things you want to accomplish, so many things you want to do.

2. You're dealing with impostor syndrome as the first in your family to be here / one of the few people of color in your position and feel you have to prove you deserve this.

3. You are a parentified child: taught to be the the good kid and now you have a long history of people pleasing and just want to be "good employee."

Fighting these needs creates a sense of guilt and anxiety. So how do we actually do this while remaining true to ourselves and managing the guilt that comes with it?

Start with your basic needs.

This might seem simple but the best place to start is by checking in with our body: Remember that it is not only "ok" for you to rest but it is ESSENTIAL. Your body requires rest to be able to function.

2. Reflect on what balance means to you: It doesn’t have to be 50/50, balance looks different for everyone. So what does it need to look like for you to feel well-rested and fed AND proud of the work you do?

3. Prioritize your time and energy: What matters most to you? What needs to be done first Remember that if you are not well, you cannot fully show up to your responsibilities

4. Set firm work hours and boundaries: Once you clock out YOUR ARE CLOCKED OUT. DO not answer emails or messages outside of work hours and make sure to *actually* take your meal breaks.

5. Avoid multitasking It can reduce productivity and drain more of your energy

If you are ready to do some of the healing work with a therapist who understands through lived experience, schedule your free consultation now!


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