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TOC Therapy Book Rec: Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig's "Chica, Why Not?"

by Wendy Rodriguez, M.A.


Latina writer Sandra Hinojosa Ludwig has created this book to share her life story to help guide those who might feel stuck in life. It’s a book that many of us could relate to, not just because of the struggles she shares but because of our culture and our similar upbringing.

Chica, Why Not? Is Sandra’s guide to living life with intention or in other words living the life you want or of your dreams. How often do you take time to reflect on how life is going?

Starting at a young age we think about our future and how we want to live when we are older. As we get older it changes and sometimes, we are upset with ourselves for life not exceeding our expectations. In her book Sandra talks about living life on autopilot which refers to us as not focusing on ourselves and putting everyone else before us. In my work, I have met so many individuals that dedicate most of their time to their family and aren’t fully enjoying life to the fullest. As a Latina, you might have learned to be a good daughter, be a good sister, be a good wife, and to be a good mother but to be good (__) we dedicate our time to others and wear ourselves out.

This book consists of seven chapters where Sandra shares stories of her journey through life and shares the six steps to creating a life with intention. To live a life with intention she states you need to create clarity, collaboration, commitment and grow curiosity, compassion, and continuity.

One of my favorite components of this book is that at the end of each chapter, you can find activities to complete that will have you reflect on your current thoughts and feelings of your life and the life you want to have. Sandra also includes excuses that we might give ourselves to avoid pursing what we want. It is a very active book that call us to reflect on the six elements of living a life with intention.

Life can be difficult, and we all have our own struggles in life. Allow yourself to be honest with yourself and take time to reflect.

We've enjoyed this book so much, we chose it as our book for this round of our book club!

If you would like a partner in your journey join request a free consultation. Interested in reading the book? Join our book club!


Wendy Rodriguez, M.A is an outpatient clinician at TOC Therapy. She specializes in supporting BIPOC Adults build healthy and fulfilling personal relationships in individual and couples therapy. As a child of immigrant parents, she has both the lived experience and education to support her clients through their healing journey. Wendy believes that there is no “one size fits all” therapy approach-- she draws from different modalities to collaboratively create a personalized plan. If you would like to learn more about Wendy, visit her profile here or request a free consultation to work with her in online therapy.


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