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Wedding Planning and Your Mental Health

by Deniss Cantor, M.A. Marriage and Family Therapist

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Planning your wedding is supposed to be fun and exciting-- and it is! But not all the time. Managing family opinions, cultural expectations, financial issues are all part of the wedding process too and they can take a toll.

Staying grounded in what you and your partner want for your big day will make the biggest difference!

As T and I get closer to our big day, I started to reflect on how planning our wedding affected our mental health and how we managed. We found a few coping tools to help us manage stress from family, planning, and finances so of course, I decided to make a video about it too!

This past Monday's episode of Therapy Explained, I shared what we found to be most helpful during this journey including setting boundaries and making sure we are making time for each other. See the full video below and head over to our Instagram page for your cheat sheet!

Looking for additional mental health support in managing family dynamics? Schedule a free consultation with one of our therapists!


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