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Specialties & Concentrations

Individual and couple's therapy is an open space for you to share and process what may come up for you. These are areas in which we specialize and have the most experience helping our patients work through but your therapy may explore one or more of these areas if you choose to do so. 

Our Therapists of Color offer individual and couples therapy online and in-person. Our online services are available throughout California and our in-person services are offered at our office in Pasadena, CA.

Stressed Woman

Learn how to filter through your thoughts and work towards clarity and confidence in the face of uncertainty.

Psychologist Session
Couple on a Walk

Cultivate thriving and fulfilling relationships rooted in understanding, respect, and cultural appreciation.

Couples Therapy
 Young Woman Contemplating

Develop strategies to cope with workplace stress, build resilience, and practice self-advocacy in the workplace.

Therapy Session
Group of Activists

Develop healthier communication patterns, feel confident in addressing family conflicts, & define for yourself what is a safe family dynamic.

Therapy Session
Child in a Bear Costume

Inner Child Healing

Process and heal intergenerational trauma. 

Therapy Session

Same-Day Intake

Available Mon-Thu

Working With Us


Schedule a Free Consultation

Visit our secure client portal to schedule your free 15 minute video consultation with one of our clinicians. 


Tell Us about Yourself

We'll send over a brief questionnaire in which you can share with us what kind of support you are looking for and request for us to check your insurance coverage for you. 


Schedule your first session

After meeting with us and receiving confirmation of your fee and coverage, you can start your weekly therapy session-- either in-person in Pasadena, CA or online.

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