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Individual Therapy 

We teach you the tools to navigate the challenges of a high-demand career while enhancing your overall life satisfaction.

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Our Specialties

Here's what we do best

Workplace Mental Health

Reduce burnout and battle impostor syndrome. We help you build self-confidence, assertiveness, and effective communication skills to navigate challenges in the workplace.

Relationship Issues

Manage anxiety and stress around your relationship. Build healthy ways to share your needs and connect with your partner. 

Difficult Family Dynamics

Heal generational trauma and your inner child. We help you develop healthier communication patterns, feel confident in addressing family conflicts, and find peace in your relationships.

We are dedicated to helping you reduce burnout, confront impostor syndrome, and alleviate stress and anxiety. Through tailored sessions, we focus on building your confidence and empowering you to succeed at work while fostering healthy connections with friends & family. 

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