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Yesenia Montano, LMFT

I support BIPOC adults break generational cycles and navigate challenges related to identity, work-life balance, and family dynamics.

I guide clients in establishing harmony between their personal values and family/cultural expectations. My client-centered approach focuses on empowering clients to feel confident honoring themselves. I create a safe space for clients to explore their feelings and provide reflective homework like journaling to help them feel understood, validated, and connected to their roots while maintaining their individuality. I teach emotion regulation and mindful thinking techniques to alter unhelpful thought patterns.

My goal is to support clients navigating complex family and cultural dynamics to gain inner confidence and decision-making abilities that align with their values

Yesenia offers individual therapy to adults in California. Services are available online throughout California and in-person at our Pasadena, California location.

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About Me: Yesenia Montano, LMFT

Growing up in underrepresented communities and a strong cultural/traditional upbringing exposed me to issues that were never discussed or questioned because of the lack of education, resources, and challenges in stepping out of our comfort zone. These issues became prominent not only in my immediate family but also in those around me in different settings such as school, friendships, work, relationships that were impeding us to fully understand the context of the way we felt, the situations that we were in and how to cope with it all. I knew that there was more to just “living with it.” Which led me to further explore my interest in psychology to understand human behavior and relationships. My upbringing, marked by a rich cultural background and empathetic nature, naturally steered me towards a career where I could leverage these personal attributes to foster positive change in others' lives but more specifically in the lives of the BIPOC adults. 

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