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Couple's Therapy 

Experience a renewed connection 

Loving Couple

Our Specialties

Here's what we do best

Life Transitions

Manage big steps or transitions in your relationship and learn to work as a team to address discomfort in your relationship.


Address the anger and irritability around your interactions with your partner. Learn how to give voice to your needs and how to ask for them to be met.

Anxiety & Trust

Identify where the anxiety is coming from and why. Explore themes of trust and how to regain it. 

Divorce, & Separation

Navigate the complexity of ending a relationship and figure out what kind of life you would like to build-- either togther or separately.

Crafted for busy couples navigating significant life changes. Our therapy sessions provide a supportive space for couples to learn how to engage in healthy disagreements, empowering you to navigate life stressors as a united team. Whether you're facing career shifts, parenthood, or other transitions, we guide you in adjusting together, fostering resilience, and ensuring that your relationship thrives amidst life's challenges. 

Meet Your Couple's Therapist

Ana specializes in supporting couples through relationship-related anxiety, resentment, and life transitions providing a safe space for exploration and growth. Ana empowers you to express yourself openly and honestly, fostering deeper understanding and connection. Whether navigating past hurts, communication breakdowns, or major life changes, Ana is dedicated to helping you find clarity, resolution, and a path forward in your relationship.

Ana Viana, AMFT
Deniss Pleiner, LMFT

Deniss helps busy professionals navigate anxiety, frustration and stress in their relationship. Drawing from years of experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by couples juggling demanding careers, she helps you explore your relationship dynamics, communication patterns, and goals. Whether you are grappling with unresolved resentments, struggling to bridge communication gaps, or facing the complexities of blending cultures she helps you by fostering deeper understanding and connection amidst your busy lives.

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