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Mental Health Directories & Organizations

A list of clinics, organizations, and directories that offer mental health services.  Some of these also offer therapy in other languages, low-cost services, or other affordable services.

Our Blog

Mental health information provided from TOC Therapy Clinicians.

Covering subjects like financial trauma, generational wound healing, and self-love. 

Workshops & Events

Free Workshops hosted by TOC Therapy Clinicians and Events in collaboration with local BIPOC-owned businesses. 

Workshops & Events are not mental health treatment.

YouTube: Therapy, Explained

A YouTube Channel, hosted by Clinical Direcor, Deniss Pleiner-- where she explains, demystifies, and destigmatizes mental health and mental health treatment.

Recommended Books

Books are one ofour favorite ways to continue to learn and grow. Every month, we recommend some of our favorite to you to help support you in your journey. 

Links to these books send you to Independently Owned Businesses through Bookshop.com

Our Wellness Store

Guides, Templates, and affirmation decks created especially for you.

TOC Therapy is not affiliated with any outside providers. Your relationship with other professionals or third party service providers that TOC Therapy may suggest or provide are solely between you and such parties. You understand that TOC Therapy provides such referrals as a matter of convenience and courtesy to you, and TOC Therapy does not authenticate, or warrant any product, offer, or service offered by any such third party, nor does TOC Therapy supervise the work of any such third party.