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5 Habits of Healthy Relationships

by Deniss Pleiner, M.A.


Whether you have been with your partner for three days or 30 years, these relationship habits will help you build emotional intimacy and trust.

Keep in mind: There are many aspects to making a relationship work and most of them are founded on the following habits:

  • Respect: Healthy couples are respectful even when they are upset. Not are not intentionally hurtful or manipulative and stay away from name-calling.

  • Communication: They talk to one another about their feelings, needs, and anything that is bothering them. Most importantly, they feel safe doing so.

  • Quality Time: They spend quality time with one another. They have daily check-ins and consistent date nights dedicated to keeping their friendship alive and close.

  • Team Work: It is always “Us" when they make decisions or have conversations-- even conflict. It never feels like it's you v. me. Decisions, problems, they come to one another for them because they respect and value each other’s opinions.

  • Acceptance: They accept one another for who they are. They know who the other person is, their quirks, they not-so-great habits and accept them for who they are. While they do not make sacrifices on their needs, they are able to compromise with their partner on what works best for both of them.

If you and your partner would like some help in learning or strengthening these skills, schedule a free consultation down below:


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