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End of the Year Reflection Prompts For Inner Child Healing, Parent Wound Healing, and More

By Deniss Pleiner, M.A


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As the year comes to a close, it is the perfect time to reflect on your journey-- where you are now and where you wish to be in 12 months. We've tailored these five end-of-the-year reflection prompts to help you in inner child healing, parent wound healing, and beyond.

So, grab a warm drink, pen, and paper and let's get started:

What did I spend my free time on this year? Did this feed my inner child? How would I like to spend my free time next year?

Remember that inner child healing including allowing yourself to feel joy. We focus so much on doing the processing work and holding ourselves accountable that we often forget to let ourself rest and play. Think back on ways you can get in nurture your inner child and how you can incorporate more of that into your life.

What did I learn about my relationship with my parents this year? What do I like about it? What would I like to change?

The journey of healing your parent wounds can be lengthy and it's important to pause and give yourself credit for the work you have done. This is a great chance to reflect on the things you have learned about yourself and your relationship with parents. Use that to inform what you want to work on in the new year.

What three words describe my year? What three words do I want to describe next year?

Think of feeling words that best describe your year-- this will let you know how you feel about what you've accomplished and help you brainstorm what you wan to build for yourself next year. When you choose next year's words, you can let them guide you as you make decisions.

What would I say to the January of this year version of myself? What questions do I have for December of next year me?

Do you have message for the January version of you? what do you wish you knew or what would you ask them? And what would you say to next year's version of you? Is there something you want them to remember or is there something you would like to know?

What am I most proud of this year? What would I need to feel proud of myself next year?

At TOC Therapy we believe your mental health should be strength-based. Build on the things you have learned and accomplished so you can gain momentum towards what is important to you.

The transition into the new year is not just a change in date, it is an opportunity for introspection and self-reflection. We hope these prompts have helped you in that journey.

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