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Practicing Self Care During Holiday Gatherings

by Deniss Pleiner, M.A. Marriage and Family Therapist

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We know the holidays bring family gatherings and that can be a mixed bag. Among the delicious food, music, and reconnection to our culture, there can also be generational trauma and difficult family dynamics.

Being proactive and finding ways you can practice self care during those family holiday gatherings can help you feel more prepared and better equiped to manage diffucult family relationships.

Here are a few things we encourage our own clients to explore when preparing for the holidays.

  1. Set Boundaries: Allow yourself to set boundaries around your time, energy, and emotion spent with people who may be triggering. (Learning what they are and the best way to set them might require some support and work-- contact us!)  

  2. Find Safe Spaces: Identify and create safe spaces within gatherings where you can retreat if needed. This could be the yard, going outside, your room, the bathroom, etc. 

  3. Build a SelfCare Kit: Prepare a self-care kit with items that bring comfort, such as a favorite book, soothing music, or scented oils. 

Tailoring your boundaries and self care practices to your culture and values is essential to making them work for you. Not just during the holdays but beyond, at any family event you might find yourself in. If you need some help, therapy can be an excellent place to do this work. Start that journey now by reaching out to request a free consultation with one of our clincians below:



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